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20 June
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The handle for roleplaying purposes.

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Character's Full Name:
Adaman Owen Knaughts
Gender: Male
Age: 28
A brief physical description: He was neither a tall nor a short man, but resided somewhere a little shy of six feet. His hair was dark and feathery, a reddish-brown color only a few shades away from black. His skin was of a pale complexion, though dark shades around the eyes and the joints led one to the conclusion that nature had meant it for something tanner. The shape of his face, framed well by the aforementioned hair, was nothing out of the ordinary. His features were not quite extraordinary either; he had a somewhat large, beakish nose, thin lips, and smooth eyebrows. His eyes were of a dark color, seemingly brown but with unusual flecks of red. Their gaze, when not dulled by his thick-framed glasses worn mostly for reading, was icing and piercing.
A little history: Adaman was born Adaman Owen Kelly in England to a Pureblood mother and a muggle-born father, then the youngest but later to be come the middle child and the only son. His father died when he was seven, his mother when he was fifteen, and his grandmother (the only other living relative) when he was 27.

After the death of his father, he, his sisters, and his mother moved into the strict pureblood household of their grandmother, and adopted the old lineage name Knaughts. He attended Hogwarts from 1984 to 1991, then moved in a flat with a close friend for a few years before they had an especially serious fight and parted ways. He spent about seven years after graduating from Hogwarts studying many various subjects (the most sucessful of them being Occlumecy and Transfiguration), then returned to the school as a Transfiguration teacher to pay the bills while continuing to expand his knowledge. He taught there up until 2001, where he found himself the money and the oppertunity to take a year of solitude and uninteruppted study.